November 17, 2023
President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Hon. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, urges researchers in the country to ensure they conduct productive research that will advise the government on improving the business environment and providing solutions to challenges faced by traders and citizens.
 During the opening of the Second International Conference on Business Management and Economic Development at Hotel Verde in Zanzibar, Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla read President Dr. Mwinyi’s speech.
 He emphasized the collaboration between the government and experts to find sustainable solutions to existing challenges, avoiding reliance on foreign studies that may not be suitable for the country’s environment, technology, and history.
Furthermore, he encouraged local researchers to exchange experiences with international counterparts during the conference, drawing knowledge to enhance their research in line with the local context.
 The President stated that both the Union Government of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar will continue investing in creating conducive environments for building a strong economy that includes both formal and informal sectors.
 Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Saada Mkuya Salum, highlighted that the conference would educate on fostering sustainable economic development, bringing efficiency, and establishing a sound business system.
 Prof. William Amos Pallangyo, CEO of the Tanzanian Institute of Accountancy (TIA), affirmed TIA’s commitment to providing competitive education in accounting, procurement, business leadership, human resource management, marketing, public relations, and project management.
 TIA aims to bring education closer to Tanzanians, currently operating seven campuses with approximately 26,000 students.
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