Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration (BTCBA)


Purpose of qualification

This qualification is intended for a person who will perform routine business administration and sales duties, communicate properly, apply basic computer knowledge in performing business duties, preparing simple reports, recording stores/sales receipts, maintaining records and documents, managing own business and address emerging social economic challenges.

Summary of Modules – NTA Level 4

Code Module Title Year Semester
ACT04101 Basic Book-keeping 1 1
BAT04101 Basic Commercial Knowledge 1 1
BAT04105 Elements of Business Administration 1 1
GST04101 Elementary Business Mathematics 1 1
GST04102 Introduction to Business Communication 1 1
BAT04203 Elements of Marketing 1 2
BAT04204 Introduction to Small Business Management 1 2
GST04203 Office Practice and Records Management 1 2
GST04204 Introduction to Computer Applications 1 2
GST04205 Elements of Business Law 1 2
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