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Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) is a successor of the Dar es Salaam School of Accountancy (DSA) that was established in January 1973 as a Government Training Centre by a special decree of the Minister for Finance. Its initial objective was to conduct both short-term and long-term courses for lower and middle level Government Accounting Personnel in order to improve their work performance. The Institute was established on 1st July 2002 as a Government Executive Agency under the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the TANZANIA INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANCY (ESTABLISHMENT) Order, G.N.No 489 of 2002, to take over the operations of the then Dar es Salaam School of Accountancy (DSA). This came as a result of Public Service Reforms Programme. Due to the ongoing significant changes, the Institute is operating as per TANZANIA INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANCY (Establishment) Amendment Order, 2020.

TIA is among the highly reputable training institutions in the country established to primarily develop and promote competency in the business related disciplines through the use of Competency Based Education Training (CBET) curriculum, focusing on the demanding global changes. The academic programmes are especially geared towards offering a broad range of academic knowledge and intellectual skills in the areas of accounting, procurement and logistics management, business administration, human resource IT based management, public sector accounting and finance, marketing and public relations, project planning and management, financial management and other business related fields.

In the process of offering quality training, TIA conducts intensive research, consultancy, and short courses, and further promotes a culture of scholarly publications. The Institute contributes to the social, economical and intellectual development of the communities beyond the campuses. Furthermore, the Institute is engaging in international partnerships through collaboration with other international universities. Thus, TIA produces graduates who in reality can serve the purpose of the world beyond the borders of Tanzania.

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