The Short-Course and Publications section, led by the Head of Section, operates under the guidance of the Directorate of Research, Consultancy, and Publications (DRCP). It is responsible for developing short courses, managing publications, facilitating knowledge exchange, and fostering collaborations. These efforts align with TIA’s vision and mission by promoting continuous learning, knowledge dissemination, outreach, and professional development.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare and conduct short course training programs on various topics such as:
  • Pre-retirement planning and post-retirement training
  • Public procurement and contracts
  • Leadership and strategic change management
  • Customer service and public service ethics
  • Public service awareness and life skills
  • Strategic financial management and public service delivery
  • Ethics, good governance, and accountability
  • Budget preparation and revenue collection
  • Human resource management and ethics in the public service
  • Customer care and office procedures
  • Leadership executive training program
  • Financial risk management and modeling
  • Tailor-made training programs
  1. Visit different Ministries, Departments, Agencies, and Authorities to promote and solicit TIA’s short courses and consultancy opportunities.
  1. Organize seminars for Human Resources Officers and training personnel from MDAs to inform them about TIA’s products, such as short courses and consultancy opportunities.
  2. Manage discussions on collaboration with various Public Service Institutions to develop and conduct various short courses and consultancy services tailored to their specific needs.
  3. Organize the 2nd TIA International Conference, scheduled to be held in Zanzibar in November 2023.
  4. Facilitate the submission of academic staff publications for promotion and incentives purposes by July and September 2023.
  5. Develop and review the Short Course and Publication Policy based on identified gaps and needs.

The Contribution of the Section to TIA’s Vision and Mission:

The Short-Course and Publications unit plays a crucial role in advancing TIA’s vision and mission in various ways:

  1. Sharing knowledge and expertise: By offering a wide range of short courses and publishing high-quality articles, the unit disseminates knowledge and promotes intellectual growth among a broader audience, contributing to TIA’s vision of excellence.
  2. Skill development: Through the design of innovative and excellent courses aligned with TIA’s vision and mission, the unit contributes to the development of skills in relevant fields, producing competent professionals and fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.
  3. Creating opportunities: The unit facilitates interactions among professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating opportunities for collaboration and networking that contribute to TIA’s vision of creating a vibrant intellectual community.
  4. Enhancing reputation and attracting partnerships: By publishing high-quality articles and demonstrating academic excellence, the unit enhances TIA’s reputation, attracts funding, and fosters partnerships with other institutions and organizations.
  5. Policy influence: Through leadership in offering cutting-edge courses and publishing influential and high-quality works, the unit can shape policy decisions and innovation in alignment with TIA’s vision and mission, addressing public challenges and driving positive changes.
  6. Strengthening institutional position: Aligning the activities of the Short-Course and Publications unit strengthens TIA’s position in its field of expertise, enabling the institution to make a meaningful impact and contribute to its vision and mission of providing professional expertise to address public challenges.

In summary, the Short-Course and Publications section, operating under the guidance of the DRCP and DRARC, plays a vital role in advancing TIA’s vision and mission. Through their diverse range of duties and responsibilities, the section promotes knowledge sharing, skill development, collaboration, reputation enhancement, policy influence, and institutional impact in line with TIA’s commitment to providing quality education, research, and consultancy services in the field of accountancy, procurement, and other business-related disciplines to both the public and private sectors.


The Short-Course and Publications section at TIA offers organizations and companies the opportunity to enhance employee performance through Professional Continuous Development (CPD). It also provides individuals with a flexible option to upgrade their knowledge and skills through short-term programs, accommodating those with time constraints who are unable to pursue long-term programs

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