Finance and Business Management

Sub themes/Research Areas:

  1. Understanding the Role of Real Option Models, Financial Uncertainty, and Macroeconomic Risk Factors in Cross-Sectional Stock Returns: This research area focuses on building capacity to analyze the impact of real option models, financial uncertainty, and macroeconomic risk factors on cross-sectional stock returns. The aim is to enhance understanding of the dynamics influencing stock market performance.
  2. Investigating the Impact of Risk, Uncertainty, and Non-Expected Utility Preferences on Macroeconomic Conditions and Financial Markets: This research area aims to build capacity in studying the impact of risk, uncertainty, and non-expected utility preferences on the macroeconomy and financial markets. The focus is on understanding how these factors influence economic stability and financial decision-making.
  3. Analyzing Funding Flows, Trading Costs, and Liquidity Risk in Investment Performance: This research area aims to strengthen knowledge in analyzing the effects of funding flows, trading costs, and liquidity risk on investment performance. The objective is to improve understanding of how these factors impact investment decisions and outcomes.
  4. Developing and Applying Cutting-Edge Econometric Methods for Asset Pricing Models: This research area focuses on developing skills in the application of advanced econometric methods to estimate and compare structural asset pricing models. Special emphasis is given to modeling jumps and regime switching, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of asset pricing dynamics.
  5. Exploring Venture Capital, Initial Public Offerings, and Corporate Policies: This research area aims to strengthen knowledge on venture capital, initial public offerings, and their effects on corporate outcomes. It also covers corporate policies such as capital structure, cash holdings, mergers and acquisitions, payout, investment, and risk-taking. The goal is to provide insights into the impact of these factors on corporate performance.
  6. Analyzing Current Issues in Corporate Governance: This research area focuses on developing skills in analyzing current issues in corporate governance, including managerial characteristics and compensation, board of directors, corporate reporting, and shareholder incentives. The aim is to enhance understanding of corporate governance practices and their implications for organizational performance.

Through research conducted in these areas, the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in finance and corporate governance, inform policy decisions, and promote best practices in the financial industry and corporate sector.

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