June 26, 2024

Chief Executive Officer Professor William Pallangyo has concluded a training on innovative teaching methods for students with special needs. The training was attended by lecturers and IT Officers from all TIA campuses (Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Mtwara, Singida, Mwanza, Kigoma, and Zanzibar) and took place at the WAMO Hall in Morogoro.

While closing the three-day training under the HEET project, Professor Pallangyo stated that the aim of this training was to equip lecturers and IT officers with innovative teaching methods, including those that will assist students with special needs.

Professor Pallangyo also mentioned that TIA recognizes and is committed to providing educational services to various groups of students with special needs to ensure they receive quality education on par with those without any challenges.

Furthermore, Lecturer Winfrida Nnko from the Kigoma Campus expressed her satisfaction with receiving this training as it will enable her to better identify and consider the needs of the students she teaches who have special requirements, and to assist them in a timely manner.

Dr. Mohamed Balozi, the Manager of TIA Zanzibar Campus, also expressed his joy in receiving this training, noting that it will make it easier for him to identify students with special needs and prioritize them in service delivery.

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