TIA Prepares Special Needs Policy

April 2, 2024

The Chief Executive Officer of the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA), Professor William Pallangyo, emphasized the importance of institutions having a policy that will guide how special needs beneficiaries are served, starting from the infrastructure for educational service delivery for students and staff.

Professor Pallangyo made these remarks while opening a working session to prepare a Special Needs Policy and labor laws within the construction project in Singida and Mwanza at the Kigurunyembe Hall in Morogoro.

“I urge you, during the preparation of these policies, to consider the specific needs of various special groups, equality, and access to services. The policy preparations also involve internal and external stakeholders of TIA and the availability of sufficient research and data,” said Professor Pallangyo.

The Director of Student Services and Coordinator of Special Needs in the HEET project, Lucina Comino, stated that the policy aims to direct curriculum development, teaching methods, teaching materials, exam formulation, exam printing, exam administration, grading, and issuance of results for students with different needs.

The preparation of this policy has been supported by the World Bank under the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) project, where TIA is one of the project’s implementers.



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