May 14, 2024

The Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA), under the Industry Advisory Committee led by Chairman Professor Mussa Assad, has reviewed existing curricula and developed new ones to meet current job market demands and provide opportunities for self-employment.

While opening the working session to discuss these improvements and changes, Professor Pallangyo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, directed the committee to analyze both the existing and new curricula, considering market needs and sectoral changes to ensure the efficiency of TIA graduates.

“Chairman, I believe that with the expertise of the Committee members, TIA will achieve curricula that keep up with technological advancements, producing highly skilled graduates,” said Professor Pallangyo.

The Committee Chairman, Professor Mussa Assad, stated that the Committee is committed to bringing positive changes to both existing and new curricula to enhance the efficiency and competency of graduates, making them valuable in a rapidly advancing technological society.

“This working session requires us to be thorough in reviewing each curriculum and discussing it in detail, considering the current and future market conditions, to continue producing graduates who are in demand and capable of self-employment,” said Professor Assad.

Sostenes Kweka, the President of the TIASO Student Association, mentioned that his role in the Committee is to gather advice, opinions, and suggestions from fellow students and present them to the Committee for more effective implementation.



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