January 2, 2024

In a noteworthy event, Ms. Amina K. Shaaban, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, officially inaugurated the Advisory Committee for Vocational Education under the HEET Project at the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA). The committee is envisioned as a crucial link to strengthen relations between institutions and various stakeholders in the private and public sectors.

During the launch held at TIA’s auditorium, Ms. Shaaban highlighted the committee’s substantial role in revitalizing and formulating curricula to meet the demands of the job market, ensuring optimal learning environments.

Emphasizing collaboration, she urged the committee to work closely with institutions, developing strategies to empower youth for self-employment and employment aligned with the evolving job market and technological changes.

Prof. William Pallangyo, CEO of TIA, affirmed the institute’s commitment to the government’s Sixth Phase agenda, fostering close ties between higher education institutions and the private sector in training, research, and professional advice.

Acknowledging the primary goal of the HEET Project, Prof. Pallangyo emphasized its focus on enhancing learning environments and aligning educational programs with current job market trends and higher education system management.

Mr. Oyombe Simba, the Coordinator of the HEET Project at TIA, revealed a substantial budget allocation of USD 11.7 million (equivalent to Tanzanian Shillings 27.6 billion) for project implementation. This funding encompasses various initiatives, including the construction of hostels, infrastructure enhancements, staff capacity building, curriculum updates, and academic development opportunities for lecturers.

Prof. Musa Asad, a committee member and lecturer at Muslim University Morogoro, expressed gratitude for the government’s commitment to revitalizing curricula in alignment with international job market standards and technological advancements.

“I extend my appreciation to my fellow committee members for their willingness to collaborate with TIA in fulfilling this significant responsibility,” emphasized Prof. Asad.

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