The Department of Human Resource and Administration (HRA) works as a tool to provide expertise and services on human resources management and administrative matters. Specifically the Department performs the following functions;

1. To provide strategic inputs and services on Administration and Human Resources Management Services such recruitment, Human resources development and training, promotion, retention, motivation, performance, staff and students welfare;

2. To provide advice on organizational efficiency of the agency and business process improvement;

3. To develop and review human resources policies, rules and regulations of the Institute and monitor its implementation;

4. To create conducive working environment conditions to staff and facilitating employees’ morale and productivity by initiating suitable safety, health and welfare programmes at the Institute;

5. To administer all outsourced services (e.g security, cleaning, canteen etc) provided by the contracted parties at specified quality and quantity; andR

6. To monitor major maintenance works done by the contracted party at specified quality and quantity

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