Governance and Management Research and Publications


In recent years, corruption and other vices in society have been on the increase. The rule of law and the voices of the people in the development process have tended to be weak. The organizational structures have not been reviewed to cope with the demands of the on-going reforms. As a result, social relations which promote the participation of all partners in economic development have failed to effectively mobilize domestic resources and capabilities to meet the emerging challenges of market-oriented and private sector-led development.

TIA research agenda onGovernance and Management is concerned with governance systems, policies and resource allocation, organizational strategy development, performance management and business laws, quality assurance, curriculum development, gender equality, management and leadership in higher learning, on-line learning and training environment.

TIA research agenda on governance and Management addresses issues such as policies, power, accountability, transparency, rule of law, responsiveness, stability, empowerment, equity and inclusiveness under which management and administrative systems is required to operateso as to empower the people and  promote participation.

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