One of the targets of the Tanzanian’s vision 2025 is to have a strong and competitive economy characterized by a diversified and semi-industrialized sector. Amongst the driving forces for the realization of the vision 2025 is mindset transformation and the creation of a well-educated nation through research undertakings.

Research is core function and integral part of the mission of TIA. The Research Consultancy and Publications Department, in coordination with TIA staff and in collaboration with local and international training institutions, lead the INSTITUTE to conduct, publish, coordinate, apply and disseminate research in the areas of Accountancy, Procurement and Logistics Management, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Public Sector Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Gender equity and other business- related academic fields that

 Transform knowledge of leaders, managers and junior staff of the public and private organizations to competently solve society’s problems;

      • Inform policy-making personnel on the need to create and maintain supportive and competitive business environment;
      • Support national and global agenda;
      • Bridge the gap between applied research and challenges facing society
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