Finance and Business management

Financial sector development is part of the Government strategy to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty. Despite the achievements made by the financial sector reforms, the sector is still facing challenges and limitations which include inadequate access and usageof financial services, limitedsupply of technology and innovations, inadequate legal regime and supervisory framework for financial consumer protection, limited supply of long term development finance, financial system vulnerability, risks associated with money laundering activities and financial sector regional and international cooperation.

TIA research agenda on Finance and Business is concerned with management of finance in public and private sectors, NGO, MDAs.

TIA research agenda on Finance and Business addresses issues such as financial literacy, presence of unregistered business activities, limited outreach of banking institutions, financial education and public awareness of capital market products, saving culture amongst Tanzanians, access and usageof insurance services, finance sources, levels of voluntary tax payment and business conduct in developing countries.

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