The Tanzania Institute of Accountancy has three Academic Departments namely; Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Procurement and Logistics Management, and Department of Management Studies. These departments run programmes from National technical award (NTA) level 4 to 8, and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes.  The academic departments operates its activities under the office of Deputy Rector- Academic, Research and Consultancy (DRARC) which oversee all academic affairs of the Institute. The DRARC also oversee the activities in the Research and Consultancy unit. The three academic departments are as follow;


The system of performance in the accountancy in the country has changed tremendously due to changes in technology, systems reforms and regional and global demands. On the other hand, operations in the accountancy sector are required to comply with the international financial standards, especially nowadays where the Government is promoting and attracting foreign direct investments. Therefore, accountancy and finance personnel are required to be equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them to meet the demands on the global community.  TIA’s Accountancy Programmes are therefore designed to address the needs of learners, employers and other stakeholders of the field of Accountancy and Finance. The programmes which are taught are grouped in the following programs: Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Diploma and Basic Technician programs.

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