Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration (BTCBA)

Duration: 1 Year (NTA Level 4)

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Contact (Full-Time and Part-time)

Academic Section: Business Administration

Purpose of NTA Level 4 qualification

The purpose of the Basic Technician Certificate in Business Administration (BTCBA) is to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in business administration and sales. This qualification aims to equip learners with the necessary skills to perform routine business administration tasks and effectively communicate in a professional setting. Additionally, learners will gain basic computer knowledge to support their business duties, such as preparing simple reports, recording store/sales receipts, and maintaining records and documents.

The BTCBA qualification also emphasizes the development of entrepreneurial skills, enabling individuals to manage their own businesses. Graduates will be equipped to address emerging socio-economic challenges and contribute to the overall success of businesses and organizations. This qualification provides a solid foundation in business administration, sales, communication, and basic computer skills, preparing individuals for various entry-level roles in the dynamic field of business administration.

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