Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Duration: 3 Years (NTA Level 7-8)

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Contact (Full-Time and Part-time)

Academic Section: Business Administration

Purpose of NTA Level 7 qualification

The NTA Level 7 qualification is designed for individuals who are capable of undertaking a wide array of intricate technical administrative business activities, managing resources effectively, and engaging in research and consultancy endeavors.

Purpose of NTA Level 8 qualification

The NTA Level 8 qualification is designed for individuals who will undertake a range of Business Management and Administration responsibilities. These include:

  1. Formulating policies and implementing strategic plans to guide business operations.
  2. Conducting project appraisals to assess feasibility, risks, and potential benefits.
  3. Managing business contracts, ensuring compliance and successful execution.

TIA's NTA Level 7-8 in Business Administration offers demand-driven knowledge and skills to young business management enthusiasts, ensuring success in both private and public sectors amidst stiff competition globally.

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