Duration: 3 Years (NTA Level 7-8)

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Contact (Full-Time and Part-time)

Academic Section: Accounting and Finance

Purpose of NTA Level 7 qualification

The NTA Level 7 qualification is designed for individuals who aim to:

  1. Proficiently prepare and analyze corporate financial statements, carry out taxation responsibilities, and fulfil internal and external audit duties.
  2. Efficiently manage corporate finance operations, effectively handle human and physical resources, and accurately cost products, works, and services.
  3. Engage in research activities and provide consultancy services.

Purpose of NTA Level 8 qualification

The NTA Level 8 qualification is designed for individuals who will prepare:

  1. Advanced preparation of financial statements, including complex financial reporting and analysis.
  2. Proficient execution of audit and assurance services, including risk assessment, control evaluation, and financial statement verification.
  3. Effective management of international financial operations, encompassing cross-border transactions, foreign exchange management, and global financial strategies.
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