Experience the difference in the delivery of value-added management organisation. Capture value-added initiative in management majority of company and government spend by recruiting fully cooked graduates in management studies from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy. Since its establishment as an executive agency under the Ministry of Finance, TIA has been offering top-class products in the management studies such as human resource management, business administration and public relation and marketing management qualifications offered are in line with the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE).



  1. Basic Technician Certificate In Business Administration
  2. Basic Technician Certificate In Human Resource Management
  3. Basic Technician Certificate In Marketing And Public Relations


  1. Technician Certificate In Business Administration
  2. Technician Certificate In Human Resource Management
  3. Technician Certificate In Marketing And Public Relations


  1. Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  3. Diploma in Marketing And Public Relations


  1. Bachelor Degree In Business Administration
  2. Bachelor Degree In Human Resource Management
  3. Bachelor Degree In Marketing And Public Relations

Postgraduate Diploma

  1. Project Planning and Management (PDPPM)

Proposed Masters Degree Programme

  1. Master in Business Administration in Project Planning and Management
  2. Master Human Resource Management and IT
  3. Master of Science In Marketing and Public Relations

Entry requirements

To meet the entry requirement for the Basic Technician Certificates (NTA 4), students must be a holder of Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with minimum entry requirements of at least four (4) passes (grade “D” or above) excluding religious subjects; OR National Vocational Award LEVEL 3 (NVA 3) with Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE).

For more information about general admission requirements, see tia admission link

The programme covers two semesters of academic full-time study (120 credits) with core and fundamental modules. The credit weight of each module will be accessible when a student register for this course.  The language of instruction is English and all modules included in the course are taught in English.

Technicians Certificates (NTA-Level 5)

Minimum entry requirements: (i) Basic Technician Certificate in related programmes accompanied with at least four (4) passes (grade “D” or above) excluding religious subjects. OR (ii) Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE) with at least one principal pass and one subsidiary in relevant subjects excluding religious subjects. (iii)National Vocational Awards (NVA) level 3 accompanied with at least two passes at Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) excluding religious subjects.

Ordinary Diploma (NTA-Level 6)

Admission Requirements NTA Level 6 is open for holders of the NTA Level 5 qualifications only.

Bachelor Degree programmes: Purpose of qualification: NTA Level 7

Admission Requirements NTA Level 7 is open for holders of the NTA Level 6 qualifications and form six graduands with minimum of two principal passes in the following subjects: History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, French, Arabic, Fine Art, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced, Mathematics, Agriculture, Computer Science or Nutrition

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (PGD-PPM)

Possession of Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma qualifications from reputable institutions



Dr. Momole Kasambala Senior Lecturer
Dr. James Mrema Lecturer
Dr. Elimeleck Akyoo Lecturer
Dr.Hassanal  Isaya Lecturer
Dr.Anthony B. Mzurikwao Lecturer
Dr. Aniceth Kato Mpanju Lecturer
Dr. Bagwayo Saqware Lecturer
Dr. Bahati George Shagama Lecturer
Mr. Prosper Proches Tegemaisho Lecturer
Mr.Florence Sitima  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Tumsifu Naboti  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Francis Sinkamba  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Boyd Mwanyumba  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Iman Matonya  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Kasena Bandoma  Assistant Lecturer
Ms.Marygrace Tigwera  Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Iman Mwang’eka  Assistant Lecturer
Mrs.Shukrani Mgaya  Assistant Lecturer
Mrs.Agnes Bora Joseph Assistant Lecturer
Mrs. Aisia Zabdiel Lawuo Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Alex Robert Marwa Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Amos Joseph Manyama Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Arnold  Lambert Njunwa Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Baraka Hebron Kamwela Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Bruno Andrew Ng’ingo Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Christina Ernest Mneney Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Daud  Migayo Mashauri Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Dorah Chenyambuga Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Godwin Stephano Mollel Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Godfrey Edward Mpogolo Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Harid Rashid Mwambula Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Isaya Raphael Mwanyamba Assistant Lecturer
Mr,Justine Augustine Rudakubana Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Kenani Gorden Mwakanemela Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Lucas Masome Ng’webeya Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Mugisha Kyaruzi Kamala Assistant Lecturer
Miss.Pendo Joseph Oweru Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Victor William Bwachele Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Wilson Pholld Mwakyusa Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Remmy Chuma Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Shaaban Twaha Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Daniel Salvatory Mgonja Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Pankras Cassian Kandengukila Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Kagulu Abeid Mtogo Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Jackson Emmanuel Payowela Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Bita Phinias Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Salum Kanyungu Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Joseph      Peter Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Ephraim    Nnunduma Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Lawrence    Lubigili Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Mwinula  Adam   Lumelezi Assistant Lecturer
Mrs.Damari   Tandas Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Bartazar Mwita Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Vicent Msigala Assistant Lecturer
Mr.George Makune Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Albert Moshi Assistant Lecturer
Mrs.Imelda Mzokolo Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Kikonde, Claudio Godrick Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Ugula, Kephas Ugula Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Barakael Terevael Pallangyo Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Vicent Jonas Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Salim Ibrahim Kanyungu Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Emanuel Raymond Mwacha Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Mohamed Kaluse Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Antony Magoma Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Lukio Mrutu Assistant Lecturer
Mr. John Mngongo Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Tumaini Mchete Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Joakimu Machimu Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Rhobi Charles Samson Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Amos Elias Assistant Lecture
Mr. Aspenas Mwira Tutorial Assistant
Mr. Isaya Ambilikile Tutorial Assistant


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