In supporting the implementation of the institute Vision and Mission, the Dean of Student’s office looks after the general welfare of the students inside and outside the Institute environment which brings up the wellbeing of both the Institute and students. It promotes the common understanding among the students, for full realization of their potential to make sure that life at the Institute is going well.

Hostel accommodation provides quality rooms, toilets, bathrooms and laundries. We have hostels in four campuses; Dar es Salaam with capacities of 1,164, Mbeya 468, Singida 102 and Mtwara 162. The application of hostels is done to the specific campus through first come first served.

Social welfare services provides guidelines and framework for building an effective student affairs and services that puts the students at the centre of all activities by supporting them in their academic endeavours and enhancing their personal, social, cultural and cognitive development. Such services are health services, catering services, counselling and guidance, orientation, sports and game recreation and disciplinary matters and general conduct.

Orientation for new students provides a platform for students to become familiar with Institute environment, rules and regulations. Dean of Student’s Office is lead by the Dean of Student.

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