Quality Assurance Unit at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy is one among the functional areas within the Institute which operates under the office of the Chief Executive Officer. The Unit helps Tanzania Institute of Accountancy to achieve its mission and vision by Instituting and Operationalizing the required Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems designed to ensure quality provision of the Training, Research and Consultancy services to the public. It also positions the Institute to comply with the regulatory bodies’ requirements in terms of the standards. 

Considering the TIA deliverables, Quality Assurance Unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the training programmes that are offered to our customers are delivered through the Competence Based Education Training (CBET) system.  The system equips TIA students with knowledge, understanding, skills and professional attributes which encourages performance oriented paradigms than theoretical paradigms hence enable graduates to perform well in organizations where they are employed but also makes them to be self-employed. 

In line with that, the Unit provides an independent and objective evaluation of the functioning of other Departments (Academic and Administrative) to ascertain of their compliance to different established Standards, Procedures, Guidelines, Rules, Regulations and Policies for the purposes of adding value and improving their operations. Quality Assurance Unit is lead by the head of Unit.

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