1. Research Title: An assessment of the contract farming as a solution to a price fluctuation of peas product in Tanzania.

Principal Investigator: Tito Haule                   

Investigator             : Boyd Mwanyumba

Investigator             : Imani S. Matonya

Value of the Research                          Tshs  20,508,000

 2. Research Title: Success factors and challenges facing small enterprises in Tanzania

Principal Investigator: Dr. Gorah K. Abdallah                   

Investigator             : Mashaka Mbugi

Investigator             : Nkwera

Value of the Research                          Tshs  20,721,400

 3. Research Title: Fostering Entrepreneurship Development in Tanzania: An Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Perspective

Principal Investigator: Mr. Mutaju Marobhe

Investigator             :

Investigator             :

Value of the research                           Tshs. 24,000,000


 1. Research Title: Discovering opportunities for youth engagement in the production and distribution of goods and services for income generation.

 Principal Investigator: Dr. Momole Kasambala

Investigator             : Nurdin Athman – TIA                                               Student

Investigator             : Shamira Shirinde – TIA                                             Student

                                   : Issa Mbombwe – Mzumbe                                         Student



2. Research Title: The Impact of Innovation on firm competitive and performance of small and medium enterprises in Tanzania: A case study of selected SMEs from Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO).

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aniceth K. Mpanju.

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