My name is Mariam Hamadi  Hussein, TIA graduate of the year 2021.  After completing Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, I joined CPA studies which successfully I achieved an awarded Certificate in less than a year.

TIA has a great learning system relevant to professional studies which also makes graduates useful in the market.  With the help of God, I suited the best female student during my study time. In this performance, I am glad that TIA accepted me as a tutorial assistant which was my dream job. Now, I work for this Institute in the Accounts and Finance Department.

Since TIA contributed over 70% of my high learning studies and CPA success, I call to every student looking for Universities to first consider programmes offered by this Institute ahead of others and experience its great learning systems for winners’ production. Remember, nothing can’t be achieved if you’re in the right place and if you focus on your determination and maintain discipline. Please follow your dreams and success are await you. Let’s meet at the top

Betrice Ignas

Bachelor in Marketing and Public Relations, 2019 – 2022

A sincere thank you to TIA for all of the hard work, effort and assistance, walking me through my degree journey, I was admitted at TIA on 2019 as a bachelor degree student in Marketing and Public relations, Am grateful to be one of TIA students for I learned about marketing in this new digital era, the knowledge and skills acquired to make me ready to pursue my dreams, and compete in the competitive career world of today. 

I would love to advise parents, guardians and students searching for a higher education learning institution to join TIA

Joyce Hinju

Bachelor in Marketing and Public Relations, 2019 – 2022

I am Joyce Hinju, one among many students who graduated at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy [ TIA] bachelor’s degree in marketing and public relations

Gratitude to TIA, my friends, and other staff members for making my marketing and public relations journey to be achieved and ensuring that I get the best in my career.

This is my sincere call to Parents, Guardians, and students currently studying and those who would like to join TIA, Welcome Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) “Education for efficiency”.

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