The Research, Consultancy, and Publications Directorate at TIA is led by the Director, who reports to the Deputy Rector responsible for Academic, Research, and Consultancy (DR-ARC). The directorate is responsible for overseeing research, consultancy, and publications at the institute. It actively fosters local and international collaborations to enhance these areas and expose TIA faculty members to the global academic community to enhance their performance and impact.

The Directorate is It consists of five sections:

  1. Research and External Linkages Section: Responsible for conducting research activities and establishing collaborations with external stakeholders.
  2. Short-Course and Publications Section: Manages the development and publication of short courses and academic publications.
  3. Career Development Program Section: Focuses on enhancing the professional growth and development of individuals through specialized programs.
  4. Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Consultancy Bureau (TIA-CB) Section: Provides consultancy services to public and private organizations based on the expertise of TIA.

African Journal of Accounting and Social Science Studies (AJASSS) Section: Publishes the African Journal of Accounting and Social Science Studies, which promotes scholarly research in the field

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