Consultancies Conducted

  1. Financial Management for project accountants.
  2. Asset and Facilities Management for local government officers.
  3. Updates and implications of IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards).
  4. Basics of Computer Applications.
  5. Higher Standards of Stores Management/Government Accountancy.
  6. Revenue sources for municipal councils in Tanzania.
  7. Inventory of assets for local government officers.
  8. Customer care and ethics.
  9. Bookkeeping for secondary schools in Tanzania.
  10. Writing financial regulations.
  11. Government Treasury Management and Ethics.
  12. Budgetary and Public Expenditure Management.
  13. Role and functions of the Tender Board in Municipal Councils.
  14. Pre-retirement planning (generic course).
  15. Capacity building program for government office guards on responsibilities, ethics, readiness, and work ethics in public service.
  16. Capacity building program for government drivers on behavioral aspects of driving ethics in public service.
  17. Special program to improve skills for accountants, procurement officers, and librarians in the civil service.
  18. Accounting administrative controls.
  19. Identification of new sources of funds for municipal councils.
  20. Entrepreneurship training – Step one: Basic considerations before starting a business.
  21. Entrepreneurship training – Step two: Key considerations to protect and sustain a business.

These examples highlight the diverse range of consultancy services offered by TIA, aimed at addressing specific needs and promoting professional development in various areas.

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