The Career Development Program Section, under the guidance of the Directorate of Research, Consultancy, and Publications (DRCP), is dedicated to producing industry-relevant professionals who can thrive as entrepreneurs or excel in their fields. The section’s main objective is to nurture a competent and talented workforce for the sustainable development of the nation.

Brief Description of Duties and Responsibilities of the Career Development Program Section:

The Career Development Program Section is responsible for various important tasks related to student development and entrepreneurship. These duties include:

  1. Ensuring students acquire professional skills and technical competency in managing professional electronic-based systems across all six campuses.
  2. Guiding students to fulfill their professional duties at the institute through their involvement in various organizations, associations, and clubs.
  3. Supervising and organizing students to develop business ideas in their respective fields across all TIA campuses.
  4. Connecting students with successful business concepts, ideas, and projects to potential sources of finance.
  5. Ensuring students receive comprehensive knowledge and develop the required competence for their career growth.
  6. Establishing incubators in each campus where students are guided on developing business ideas, connecting with sources of finance, and registering their companies and business names with relevant authorities like TRA and BRELA.
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